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Pump Industry Awards Supplier of the Year

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Prestigious award recognises ABB’s continued commitment to customer service and technical innovation.

ABB has won Supplier of the Year at the prestigious Pump Industry Awards for the fifth time.

Presented at a gala dinner on March 23, the Supplier of the Year Award recognises ABB’s consistently high level of technical innovation and developments, environmental awareness, customer service and satisfaction, market penetration and growth.

Richard Gee of ABB collected the award on behalf of the company: “Winning this important award for the fifth time is recognition that ABB is always prepared to deliver innovation and value to its customers. With our focus on offering best practice and leading edge ideas, ABB continues to push the boundaries of technological achievement. Most recently we are placing particular emphasis on helping our customers to benefit from the multitude of opportunities offered by Industry 4.0.”

As well as winning Supplier of the Year, ABB was also a finalist in the Technical Innovation of the Year – Products category with its ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for low voltage motors. This wireless, pocket sized sensor is attached to the frame of any low voltage motor and collects data on parameters such as vibration, sound and temperature. Condition and performance data can be analysed to reduce downtime by as much as 70 percent, extend motor life by up to 30 percent and increase efficiency by around 10 percent.

ABB prides itself on developing technologies that keep pump systems operating at, or near to, the best efficiency point. In addition to ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for motors, recent technologies include the synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) and drive package, a variable speed drive designed specifically for pumps (ACQ580) and a WIMES-compliant motor range. Supporting the technology are innovative services such as the trio of assessments that track energy, productivity and reliability improvements. The most recent, reliability assessment, gives pump users immediate insight into ways of reducing the maintenance costs associated with pump systems, including advice on how to sweat their existing assets, without incurring unnecessary capital expenditure.

As well as supplying motor and variable speed drive solutions directly to pump end-users, in industries ranging from leisure centres to food and beverage manufacturers, ABB also helps leading pump manufacturers with integration and R&D. It provides companies such as Grundfos, Sulzer, KSB and ITT with solutions that help deliver energy efficient, innovative and competitive products for a demanding market.

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Manufacturers Across UK & Europe In Joint Call For Brexit Deal To Reduce Risk Of Economic Shocks

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Groups representing two hundred thousand manufacturers across Europe and the UK have called on EU and UK negotiators to agree a Brexit deal that supports trade and reduces the risk of economic shocks. The call comes as Britain prepares to trigger Article 50, sparking concern amongst industry leaders that no deal or a bad deal could be a lose-lose for both parties.

Brussels-based Manufacturing group, CEEMET – which includes the UK’s EEF along with French, German and Italian manufacturing organisations – has called on both sides to ‘affect a stable and orderly exit, preserving as much as possible the often complex and delicate trading relationships that are in place.’

Uwe Combüchen, Director General of CEEMET, said: “If we are to avoid a ‘lose-lose’ outcome for European manufacturing, it is essential that all parties work towards a reasonable deal for industry, while ensuring the integrity of the single market. Simply put, a negotiation which produces no deal would be highly damaging for industry in the EU as well as the UK.

“There must be pragmatism on all sides. It is not in the EU or the UK’s interests to lead industry to cliff-edge decisions, which will ultimately damage investment opportunities and business confidence.”

Terry Scuoler, CEO of EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, says: “These negotiations are likely to be amongst the toughest and most critical the UK has ever been involved in. It is imperative that the Government is focussed on securing a deal that will enable both British and European businesses to flourish, investment and innovation to continue and trade to flow. This will be the lifeblood that is key to the UK’s future economic success – we cannot afford to see it disrupted or turned off in mid flow.

“As a priority, we now want to see the Government seek early agreement with the EU over the future of EU citizens living and working here in the UK and their British counterparts similarly living and working in Europe. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it will send out a clear and reassuring signal to EU workers and the many British businesses that rely upon their skills to drive innovation and growth in the UK.
“Above all, it’s time for the Government to demonstrate its support and understanding of business by striving to deliver a pragmatic and realistic deal. Forget all notion of crashing out of the EU without a deal and leaving business to pick up the pieces – focus instead on an orderly and smooth transition, the continuation of barrier-free trade, minimisation of costs and ongoing access to required talent and skills. Nothing less will do.”

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Steel Producer First to Receive Volvo Cars Quality Excellence

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Tata Steel has picked up the Volvo Cars Quality Excellence (VQE). The award was handed out at the 60 year anniversary marking the cooperation between the companies. The VQE award recognises suppliers who achieve excellence in areas such as capable manufacturing and quality processes, continuous improvement and customer endorsement. Tata Steel fulfilled all the relevant criteria and is the first steel producer ever to obtain this prestigious prize.

The main driver for the award is Tata Steel’s commitment and capacity of producing galvanised steel with high and “stable” quality that fully complied to Volvo Cars’ high quality standards. By enhancing the characteristics of their steel, Tata Steel researchers and engineers were able to improve Volvo Cars’ manufacturing as well. Volvo Cars sources mainly galvanised steel plates for exterior parts of cars including bonnets, doors and trunk lids Among the products delivered by Tata Steel are MagiZinc® Auto, an advanced hot-dip zinc coating offering superior corrosion protection, and DP800 HyperForm®, a ductile, high-strength steel that allows lightweighting of complex, structural components.

“It’s the first time that Volvo Cars has given this award to a steel supplier. This is recognition of our significant efforts to meet demanding requirements in production, quality control, continuous improvement and levels of service at all stages,” said Johan Casparsson, Global Account Manager at Tata Steel. “It is crucial for us to consistently focus on the high quality of our steel, alongside the exceptional levels of our technical support. That is our highest priority.”

The award was presented at a dedicated ceremony in IJmuiden, The Netherlands, where Volvo Cars representatives took the chance for a tour through Tata Steel’s state-of-the-art steelmaking site.

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New Light-weight Precision Flowmeter Suits Process Skids

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Recent developments by Bürkert have enabled its ground-breaking precision liquid flowmeter, FLOWave, to be incorporated into process skids providing a lightweight, cost effective, solution for hygienic applications.

The development of process skids is a competitive enterprise but there are several aspects of the design that cannot be compromised, especially if they are destined for pharmaceutical applications. The basic principles of process skids require them to be compact assemblies that remain portable. In many applications, the process requirements demand hygienic conditions throughout the skid that can be maintained using clean-in-place (CIP) or steam-in-place (SIP) as well as reliable accuracy in the process itself.

The business aspect of skid manufacture requires the components to be cost effective as well as easy to assemble and connect to the rest of the manufacturing process. Component prices will always affect the initial cost of the skid but operational running costs also need to be considered. These include power consumption as well as any time required to remove components that are not compatible with CIP/SIP hygienic processes.

Precise flow measurement, especially in hygieni c applications has been the preserve of Coriolis flowmeters for a considerable time. However, in 2014 Bürkert launched a revolutionary product that overcame many of the limitations of this stalwart of flow measurement. Since its inception, FLOWave has been refined and has had new features added to improve its suitability in new applications, including increased accuracy in compact assemblies.

From the outset, FLOWave aimed to resolve the traditional issues associated with the Coriolis flowmeter, such as cleanability, pressure drop, weight, energy consumption and cost – which it has already done. At the same time, the designers were also keen to work on making improvements to this innovative product, including the length of straight pipe required upstream of the FLOWave.Until now the Coriolis flowmeter had a distinct advantage in that it could be close-coupled to adjacent equipment and still deliver accurate readings. Initially, the FLOWave required 40 x D (pipe diameter) of straight pipe, which has largely precluded it from operation in process skids that need to have compact dimensions.

flowave skids

Work carried out in collaboration with a leading pharmaceutical company has managed to reduce the length of upstream straight pipe to just 4 x D while maintaining accuracy. This has been refined further by using Bürkert’s Teach-In function, which uses a known volume of the process fluid to improve the calibration of the FLOWave further to an impressive 0.2% accuracy.

Further advantages, such as the very low energy consumption, around 25mA, and the lightweight construction compared to Coriolis flowmeters, are making a compelling argument for FLOWave to be implemented in process skids that require liquid flow measurement. In addition, the Bürkert Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP) enables intelligent networking down to the sensor and actuator level and simplifies communication within the application.

With further developments in the pipeline, the choice of components for measuring liquid flow in process skids is no longer a one-horse race.

Helen Christopher
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems
Fluid Control Centre, 1 Bridge End, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 1QY, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1285 648720 Fax: +44 (0)1285 648721
Web: http://www.burkert.co.uk
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Industry First Network Mode for Evaluating IEEE802.11ac WLAN Devices Launched

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Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A offering an Efficient, Accurate and Economical Solution to the Measurement of IoT devices Now Available

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of the new Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A, an integrated one-box test set specifically for testing 802.11 WLAN devices. The MT8862 has advanced features, including built-in communications protocols, to create a more efficient, accurate and economical solution to verify the performance of WLAN devices in their actual operating state.

With built-in communications protocols, the MT8862A measures the performance of the WLAN devices in the actual operating state, and is the first test equipment of its kind to support all IEEE802.11ac/n/a/g/b standards. The MT8862A uses the Network Mode to measure the performance of the target WLAN device under test (DUT) in the actual operating state. RF performance characteristics, such as Tx power and Rx sensitivity (PER), can be measured using this Network Mode, which helps with configuration of a simpler test environment and eliminates the need for dedicated vendor-provided test modes required for WLAN device inspections.

Generally, WLAN measuring instruments for manufacturing inspections use a special inspection test mode for measurement that requires a physical control line connection between the WLAN devices and measuring instrument. Consequently, the evaluation results are not a true reflection of the actual performance experienced by users because the performance of the measured WLAN devices is analysed using physical connection with a control line without considering the effect of the internal wireless antennas. Although Anritsu’s current MT8860C model used for these analyses has a network mode, it does not support IEEE802.11ac standard. To solve this problem, Anritsu developed the new model implementing support for the IEEE802.11ac Network Mode.

The Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A is ideal for measuring the RF TRx characteristics at design and quality assurance of WLAN devices. It has built-in WLAN protocol messaging as standard for Network Mode for measurement by connection with the DUT. The MT8862A is easy to operate using a web browser from a control PC connected by Ethernet which simplifies measurement setup and eliminates configuration work. In addition, remote control is also supported when the MT8862A and PC controller are inside the same network.

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Reliable Level Monitoring For Demanding Hygienic Applications

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rosemount 2120 series

Rosemount™ ۲۱۲۰ receives global approvals for sanitary and aseptic applications
Emerson’s Rosemount™ ۲۱۲۰ series of vibrating fork switches, which provide reliable level monitoring in demanding and safety-critical applications, are now suitable for use in hygienic process environments. Hygienic certificates enable them to be used in sanitary and aseptic applications in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

The Rosemount 2120 series of switches, based on vibrating short fork technology, are robust, reliable, require almost no maintenance and are easy to install and use. SIL 2 certification enables the fork switches to be used for critical overfill protection, high and low-level alarm and pump control duties in a wide range of process applications.

Hygienic approvals are now available on tri-clamp process connections. The wetside is machined from solid 316 type stainless steel, guaranteeing zero porosity and increasing robustness, with several surface finishes available, including a new electropolished option.
“The Rosemount 2120 is designed to provide a quick response time, delivering a successful level detection solution across many process industries,” said Teddy Tzegazeab, Rosemount product manager, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Increasing the switch’s robustness and gaining hygienic approvals will enable customers to take advantage of its reliable switching capabilities in even more demanding applications.”
Leveraging Emerson’s unique and proven fast-drip fork design, the Rosemount 2120 offers reliable level monitoring even in sticky/viscous applications often associated with hygienic manufacturing processes.
The hygienic version of the Rosemount 2120 has been certified by both the American 3-A Sanitary Standards organisation and the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). The product is also designed in accordance with FDA and ASME-BPE standards.

For more information on Emerson’s complete range of vibrating fork level switches, visit http://www.Emerson.com/rosemount-level.

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A Very British Manufacturer Exporting Globally

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flotronic slimline

UK specialist pump manufacturer Flotronic Pumps Limited was founded by Lew Norris in 1981. The engineering design consultancy ‘Norris Brothers’ had been involved in the design of  specialist pumps, packaging machines, spool valves, lift trucks and explosion proof boxes since 1952.  They had also been involved in the design and development of the high speed Bluebird boats and car in which Donald Campbell broke post-war water and land speed records.

Applying the innovative style which had characterised Norris Brothers approach to engineering, Lew Norris’ new company pioneered the air-operated, double-diaphragm ‘ONE-NUT’ pump. Flotronic’s ‘ONE-NUT’ design allows quick pump disassembly for inspection, cleaning and maintenance – delivering a massive benefit for customers in terms of reduced down-time, particularly as the pump can be inspected or maintained in line without disconnection of pipework. The ‘ONE-NUT’ design can be found on all the pumps manufactured at Flotronic’s original Ricebridge works near Bolney in West Sussex and the company remains the only British-owned specialist manufacturer of air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps in the UK.

Flotronic Pump’s ‘ONE-NUT’ design today …

… has evolved substantially from the original and is integral to an extensive range of models and deployment in a huge variety of critical process applications. These include transferring materials as diverse as adhesives, cosmetics, drinks, dyes, food stuffs, hand cream, mayonnaise, paints, petrochemicals and yoghurt as well as aggressive chemicals such as acids, MEK and Toluene. Flotronic pumps can provide constant liquid feeds and pump thin or viscous liquids. Flotronic Pumps’ products are in operation around the world.

The air-operated double diaphragm pump has other advantages …

… over alternative pump types include self-priming, the ability to ‘dry-run’, ease in dealing with ‘dead-heading’ and solids content. The absence of a need for electricity also makes the pumps readily portable and very safe. And while other manufacturers have struggled to get round the problems of product leakage and suction pressure damage inherently associated with air-operated diaphragm pumps, Flotronic has been able to include diaphragm reinforcing plates in any of its pumps where required. The reinforcing plates are held in place by the ‘ONE-NUT’ and mean the pumps can withstand pressures in the suction line – known as unsupported head – of up to 7bar with no damage to the diaphragms. Suction pressure challenges resulting from causes as diverse as pressure cleaning, large tanks and bulk containers, pump priming, re-circulation and thermal expansion can all be met by any Flotronic pump with diaphragm reinforcing plates.

Flotronic Pumps and sanitary applications

Consumers rightly expect food and other hygiene-critical products to be clean and free from agents that cause disease or infection and their expectations are reflected in increasingly demanding legislation and internationally recognised accreditations.
All pumps in the standard Flotronic Stainless Steel Slimline range are hygienic. There is also a sanitary Stainless Steel range with specialised surface finishes, seals and internal radii. Our pumps with PTFE parts meet USP Class VI standards.

Flotronic Pumps ‘H’ and ‘E’ Style pumps …

… take ‘sanitary’ to an even higher level. Made in Britain but manufactured to meet internationally recognised standards, Flotronic Pumps ‘H’ and ‘E’ Style pumps have been through processes which see them enjoy the United States ‘۳-A’ and European and EHEDG accreditation respectively, with ‘H’ and ‘E’ Style pump’s drainability key to their accreditation success.

‘ONE-BLOCK’ as well as ‘ONE-NUT’

The Minichem, another innovative design on offer from Flotronic Pumps, is machined from a solid block of FDA approved PTFE, removing the need for separate manifolds. This ‘ONE-BLOCK’ approach, incorporating internal ball valves, means there are no manifold seals and therefore no obvious leak paths, making the Minichem safe to operate in hazardous environments and applications.

Explosive environments

Flotronic Pumps offer options on most pumps which make them suitable for in-line maintenance in a potentially explosive environment and therefore compliant with the latest European ATEX Directive. Component selection can cover all Gas Groups (IIA, IIB and IIC).

Flotronic Pumps Limited might be firmly based in the UK …

… but the company is seeing significant success in developing new markets overseas. Exports as a percentage of total sales rose from just 15% in 2003 to 40% in 2016. 50% of exports go to Europe – but pumps are being sold in increasing numbers across the world including the US and Canada (25%) and the Far East (8%) – with the remaining 17% distributed to the Middle East, India, South America, South Africa and Australasia. The company is seeing particularly high overseas growth in pump sales into its target Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemical manufacture and Cosmetics markets, with three of the most recently developed products, the ‘Minichem’ – machined from a solid block of PTFE, the 3-A accredited ‘H’ series sanitary applications pump and the EHEDG accredited ‘E’ Series pump generating particular interest.

The company has invested heavily in establishing and supporting local dealer networks to make their exports drive happen. The recruitment process includes an assessment of whether the dealer can deliver on key Flotronic brand values like commitment to quality and the highest standards of customer care. Support includes literature and other marketing collateral, local PR, high visibility at trade exhibitions and funding help in establishing a credible online presence.

Flotronic Pumps Ltd is determined to build on its burgeoning international sales success, with exports as percentage of total sales expected to rise to 50% by 20175. The company is concerned that building domestic market share in what is a highly competitive industry doesn’t become the be all and end all of its future success. And there’s also the kudos attached to being ‘made in Britain’ but being successful internationally.

Jane Waite
Managing Director
Ricebridge Works, Brighton Road, Bolney, BRIGHTON, West Sussex RH17 5NA
01444 881871

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Pump Supplier Joins Online Community for Utility Companies To Keep Peace Of Mind

PII – The UK’s leading Process Engineering Magazine

Process Industry Informer is the UK’s leading media serving the Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics/Toiletries,
Paper & Pulp, Plastics & Rubber, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water & Wastewater industries etc.
We cover many Process Engineering disciplines including Fluids & Liquids Handling, Solids & Bulk Handling & Processing,
Process Instrumentation, Process Control, Drives & Automation, Health & Safety, Heat Transfer & Energy,
Process Measurement and Maintenance – to name a few.

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Industrial Automation Systems Specialist Inaugurates New UK Operations


intelligent automation systems products

Intelligent Automation Systems Ltd. recently officially inaugurated its new establishment at Hyde Park Hayes, a West London business centre, located less than three miles from Heathrow Airport. With this, the company reiterates its commitment to provide single-source solutions for high-quality industrial automation and motion control products to customers across the United Kingdom.

Intelligent Automation Systems is a corporation of complementary business services that provide application engineering and design, supply, implement, test and repair industrial automation systems. This includes HMIs, motion controllers, brushless and brushed servo systems, linear systems, 2/3/5 phase stepping systems, AC induction systems, and spur and planetary gearboxes. The Hyde Park facility is part of the company’s strategy to build an integrated sales and aftermarket services channel. Driven by its endeavour to offer end-to-end solutions under one brand, this improved operations consolidates all the sales, research, and technical support activities for Intelligent Automation Systems for the UK, North Ireland and continental Europe markets.

“Intelligent Automation Systems has maintained operations within the UK since 2007. To offer seamless, comprehensive, customised solutions to our customers in diverse industries across the UK, we recently merged our activities. Our Hyde Park facility offers cutting-edge industrial automation from global manufacturers like Trio Motion, Sanyo Denki, Fastech, Kinco Automation, RTA and SPG,” says Ajay Karavadra, Technical Director. “What gives Intelligent Automation Systems a distinct advantage is our team of engineers who draw on more than three decades of cross-product technical know-how to provide exceptional solutions that are truly out-of-the-box, delivered within on-time schedules, and do not exceed customer budgets.”

The new operations will continue to design, source, build and implement advanced solutions ranging from one-off requirements to high-performance industrial automation systems for custom-built machines of OEMs. “Using cutting-edge technologies and high-performance products, Intelligent Automation Systems is the single-source go-to partner,” Ajay Karavadra adds. “Every solution is backed by local training and aftersales technical support. What’s more, Intelligent Automation Systems can quickly ramp up material deliveries or even ensure just-in-time lean inventory from its extensive warehouse.”


Intelligent Automation Systems Ltd.
Hyde Park Hayes 3, 5th Floor, 11 Millington Road, Hayes, West London UB3 4AZ, UK
Tel: +44 20 8432 2749
Fax: +44 20 8432 3051
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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